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Shenyang people "double" and "tao" 430 million more than doubled last year

Date: 2014-11-13

On November 12, 2014, zero, the sixth day "double a" cat well packaged. 217 countries and regions of the world's people are snapping up the $57.1 billion worth of goods. Shenyang "chop hand" also contributed 430 million yuan on this day.
Day the cat "double a" gen both the guinness book of world records
From November 10-12 November, shenyang, shenyang evening paper net reporter in alibaba headquarters to witness the day the cat "double a" as high as 57.1 billion yuan of the forming process of the turnover, but also saw it creates two guinness book of world records.
At the end of the "double a" just, guinness world records officials announced that day cat "double a" total sales of 57114214058 yuan, set a new world record. At the same time, the day the cat electric city sales handsets, a total of 1894867 as "sales phone 24 hours a day most of the online platform".
This is not only the pride of day cat, also a pride of the Chinese online shopping power, it makes the world of online shopping in China have a more profound understanding.
61.65% of the 430 million turnover is shenyang women contribute
The "double tenth," shenyang "chop hand" performance? The answer is, at this within 24 hours for 430 million yuan! Back in 2013 "double a", shenyang people snapped up 260 million yuan. This year's value is 1.64 times that of last year was 2012 "double a" shenyang people snapped up the amount of 3.31 times. From the point of view, shenyang data is growing every year to snap up, can see shenyang people's passion for online shopping is more and more high.
Of course, the most notable is that the consumption amount of hundreds of millions of yuan, shenyang women's shopping enthusiasm is far higher than the male, 61.65% of the amount of women consumption in shenyang, shenyang consumption accounted for only 38.35% of men, it's not strange men always want to shenyang "double tenth day" to pull the home switch off.
Shenyang online first order has been delivered to clients
From rookie network data, the reporter sees cats are there in the "a" double tenth day 278 million package, liaoning for 4.175 million of them, including the consumers to buy 3.417 million mail, and liaoning version sold 758000 mail.
However, reporters from the scene to see in the "double a" 19 o 'clock, shenyang region present orange logistics strain signal, but this has ease at 23 o 'clock, become a green normal state.
More happy is, shenyang online to send and receive the first order today has been reached. 12 noon today, a name, called "mushrooms" net friend on the net tan "double tenth of a Courier today noon to a, although come shenyang, very close, but also fast enough." Another netizen "keidy" shenyang also said happily, "EMS less than 24 hours from hangzhou to shenyang, too to force..."