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Chinese people's political consultative conference held in shenyang religious committee symposium of public opinion

Date: 2014-11-13

On November 12, the CPPCC held religious committee symposium of public opinion. Chairman of the CPPCC Jiang Hong to attend the meeting and delivered a speech.
Response to public opinion is an important work of the people's political consultative conference, is an important form of members perform their duties and widen the channel of the public interests expression, and the important measure to promote the party and government scientific and democratic decision-making. Municipal administration of this symposium, aims to further strengthen the contact with religious member of the leadership of the municipal administration, in a timely manner to understand and reflect the religious committee opinion and the suggestion, the expansion of Chinese people's political consultative conference information sources and channels. During the meeting, the CPPCC members is ma ying Suggestions such as increasing regulation of worship surrounding environment, also put forward a lot of heating, real estate and other issues related to the religious places.
Contact Jiang Hong pointed out that the symposium is the CPPCC member, pay attention to the livelihood of the people, to understand and master the important platform of public opinion, the members of developing harmonious religious construction are put forward at the meeting is very good advice, we have to be serious was summarized and finishing, and promptly report to relevant leaders and departments of the municipal party committee.
Jiang Hong said, to implement the central national religious policy is our obligatory responsibility, we must raise awareness, fully realize the importance of religion. Central proposed the rule of law and publish the relevant provisions, it is the important symbol of social progress, is also a necessary guarantee of national security. On the religious problem, we also want to fulfill its duties in accordance with the law, handle affairs according to law, should not only play the role of religion, make positive contribution to social development and also to provide conditions for religious departments and area, protect their legitimate rights and interests.