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Shenyang: Hong Kong and Macao swim a visa for the first time to five working days

Date: 2014-11-28

Originally is three working days, if you have to go to Hong Kong and Macao to prepare ahead of time, when the other formalities
Reporters yesterday from the relevant department confirmed that for the first time in shenyang the visa application for Hong Kong and Macao, to the three working days, has now been extended to five working days.
Ms zhao last September for the first time to deal with between Hong Kong and Macao pass and endorsement. Recently, ms zhao is going to travel to Hong Kong again, visa has expired, you need to apply for. She consulted a travel agency, friends say now to apply for Hong Kong and Macao visa need 5 to 7 working days, let her get ready for your arrival.
Shenyang travel agency staff confirmed, if visitors have Hong Kong and Macao pass, to apply for visa again, really need five working days, and almost can't urgent. It was reported that as of yesterday, 16, the travel agency in Hong Kong and macau travel plans only arrange to December 24. Based on past experience, the increase in the number of tourists will go to Hong Kong and Macao around Christmas, travel agency about everyday hair, the price also some more expensive than usual.
Yesterday, shenyang a relevant department staff confirmed that already owns Hong Kong and Macao passport to apply for visa again, work time limit by the three working days indeed increased to five working days, other formalities. This is the national unified regulation, if urgent, need to have proper reasons.
Exit and entry department of liaoning province, said a staff to handle the time limit stipulated in the national unity is currently 7 working days, uniform in liaoning province into five days last year, but cities are not the same. If meet the urgent condition, may also be on the same day to deal with success. Once again to apply for Hong Kong and macau visa, need to carry your id card, hu kou book, Hong Kong and Macao pass.
Reporter query the ministry of public security administration of entry and exit site, an application for Macao passport and visa information reads: "for Hong Kong or Macao cure, visit critically ill patients, hasten special cases such as the need to Hong Kong or Macao application, in accordance with the principle of urgent urgent work, prior approval to deal with."