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Shenyang: welcome road viaduct built in October this year

Date: 2015-01-13

In the near future, including the second phase of bicyclic expressway and dongling, west road viaduct, shenyang will have a batch of luqiao gradually put into use on completion of the livelihood of the people, and in October of next year, welcome road viaduct phase I and phase ii project will be completed at the same time.
Yesterday morning, the shenyang municipal government information office held a regular press conference, shenyang urban and rural construction committee chief engineer of the sun as to the reporter revealed that the above information. At the same time the reporter also learned that by the end of October this year, the city open to return to work of urban construction project 474, the total investment of 27.36 billion yuan, according to statistics, the number of accounts for about 91.2% of the annual plan.
Looking eastward across the street extension has been completed
Sun such as the introduction situation, shenyang metro line 9 and 10 are advancing the construction of the new site as planned, north station north plaza project is going well.
Moreover, the second phase of bicyclic expressway is to speed up the construction, dongling, west road viaduct is in construction. Looking eastward extension street, Hume home fort of deck has been completed, the development of highway railway bridge has entered the stage of finishing.
In addition, Shen Zhang cables, three-ring cemetery street circuit, the river bend three-ring circuit, yong an avenue, the nu river north street wear under five projects such as yu tiger railway is rushing to construction, kunshan road east extension cord has been basically completed, hun river south, north dike and yunlong park bridge has been built.
The second phase will start welcome road viaduct
It is understood that the current welcome road viaduct first phase project is progressing, the second phase will start. In October next year, welcome road viaduct of the two phase of the project will be completed at the same time.
Welcome road viaduct one phase of the total length of 3030 meters. Here will form after the completion of the two-way six lanes on the bridge, the bridge floor 8 lanes fast (local 4 lanes), three-dimensional transport system. At present, the second phase of the viaduct bridge pile foundation construction is being carried out in, is expected to reach 2034 metres over the project. According to the plan, welcome road viaduct phase I and phase ii project in synchronization in October of next year will be completed.
Will transform 307 old residential water supply pipeline in the future
In terms of facilities, construction bureau of shenyang have to fort lee officer eight water water water pipeline, the south tower water pipeline, the old pump station and pumping station to establish mechanical and electrical equipment as planned. In addition, in 307 the old residential area of water supply pipeline renovation work also is accelerating, at present, the water supply pipe network of 131 kilometers communities have been completed. In addition, wu ai street south extension project has been completed, the drainage pipeline location bar area from rain sewage diversion renovation project is also consummate the work plan. At the same time, the 724 open channel reconstruction and drainage project is also go through the formalities for examination and approval of the early.
18 years in recreation square will be completed
In the protection of people's livelihood, the sun, such as, told reporters that at present the city's economy applicable room monetary subsidies, low-rent housing subsidies, and long-term lease of social housing and work goes well, 100 old residential area environment engineering has been basically completed. In addition, stupas shengjing the forest of steles park construction, article 30 to people "street road reconstruction project have been completed. 8 from 10 crossing facilities has commenced, the remaining two are prophase formalities. And at present, 18 completed 15 recreation square in the remaining 3 is expected to be completed before the end of the year will be all.